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Laguna Philippines Wedding culture and history does not differ much on the other wedding traditions and culture of Filipinos. The usual marriage ceremony during Laguna wedding rites is just the same as the basic Philippine marriage.

In Magdalena, one of Laguna’s municipalities, there is a wedding custom called Galahan. It is a wedding practice for newly wed couples where it is mandatory for them to dance in the front of their relatives. What different from this custom apart from the norm is that the couple must carry a plate where a glass of wine a bottle is placed. After the dancing and the drinking, the relatives of both parties must place any amount which would help the couple in starting their married life.

  Laguna Wedding Destinations

There are many wedding destinations and venues in Laguna Philippines. The most famous are those venues located near the beaches, lakes and those garden wedding setups.
Laguna wedding destinations are well known for its elegant, romantic but very fair and cheap price. To help you out in choosing among the finest venues being offered to you at Laguna, check the preceeding information.

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  Cities and Municipalities in Laguna

Cities: Calamba City, San Pablo City, Santa Rosa City
Municipalities: Alaminos, Bay, Biñán, Cabuyao, Calauan, Cavinti, Famy, Kalayaan, Liliw, Los Baños, Luisiana, Lumbán, Mabitac, Magdalena, Majayjay, Nagcarlán, Paeté, Pagsanján, Páquil, Pêñguil, Pila, Rizal, San Pedro, Santa Cruz, Santa María, Sinilóan, Victoria

  Famous Laguna Wedding Theme

Laguna beach wedding are often times chosen by couples as well as their parents. This kind of wedding theme will become really elegant and memorable if you will choose the best location for it.

  Laguna Wedding Suppliers and Vendors

You may choose from our list of wedding vendors that specializes and really experienced in a Laguna wedding style and tradition. To name a few of our list of accredited and recommended Philippine wedding vendors; here they are.

For you catering needs of course we do recommend Towns Delight The Caterer and Chef Mateo Catering Services.

For flowers arrangement, check out the Flowers For the Bride by Margaret setups.

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