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Philippines Wedding Photography and Videography

Wedding photography in the Philippines is where most of the couples spend a lot. Filipino’s do believe that their wedding pictures are the greatest memories of their wedding. They always include their wedding photographers or videographer on their top list of must haves on their wedding day.

There are so many Filipino wedding photographers that offer almost same rates and package. It’s up for the couple, as well as to their families to choose which or who will be their memory capturer on the very important date of their lives.

There are many things that you may consider in choosing the right and best fitted photographer on your wedding date. One is the wedding photographer’s experience level. You may easily check it by checking their website (if any) and check some citations, like if they are one of the top Filipino of Philippines wedding photographer, and if they are involve in any photography association like a Philippine wedding photographer’s association.

Philippine Photography and Videography
Preserving the memories
Capturing your precious memories is the essence of your ability to relieve those memories in the years to follow.
There is something romantic, nostalgic and old-fashioned about the wedding albums form fifty, forty, thirty, even twenty years ago. They read like a favorite fairy tale, one that you know by heart but don’t mind hearing again and again.
That is precisely why many couples choose their wedding albums exactly the same way their parents did. But many do not.
As most wedding photographers will attest, a single word is on the lips of modern brides when describing what they want from their pictures. The word is candid, and it has revolutionized the way wedding photographs are taken and wedding albums designed. The fashion for pictures that capture the essence of the day in candid, documentary style means that it is now possible to preserve the memories without being bothered to pose and smile.
  Wedding Portraits - Before and After
No matter how interested they are in candid shots, most couples want portraits of their wedding party and family. Portraits are important for family history. Moreover, most extended families don’t get together often, so a wedding is a time to make that happen and document it. Many photographers say that a different energy emerges when you put a group of people together. It can also be a lot of fun.
One perpetually debated question, however, is whether the portrait photography should occur before or after the ceremony. Tradition, superstition and sometimes religion dictate that the couple not see each other until the bride walks down the aisle. Practically, however, suggests otherwise. Yes, you will miss out on that thrill of seeing each other for the first time during the ceremony with the romantic effect of background music. (How many times does that happen in your life?) But getting the portrait shot finished – without taking time out of the reception – is too tempting for many couples to pass up.
No matter what their style, wedding photographers have passionate feelings about this debate. Some photographers find that pictures of the couple taken beforehand lack the sense of excitement that occurs when the bride and groom see each other for the first time that day at their ceremony.
Yet others maintain that the couples are more focused if pulled aside before the service. Later, they’re too excited and have less patience for pictures.
In the end, it’s a personal decision, one that the couple, not their parents, should make. Wedding portraits do have to be organized, but they don’t necessarily have to be formal.
  Photography Videography Habit
The wedding is over, you’ve just unpacked from the honeymoon, but the excitement continues – because the video has arrived! You and your new husband cozy up for a private viewing and then invite your families over the next night for another show. The following week you play it for your best friends.
And then, it becomes a habit: Every time someone walks into your  house, you offer to “run the videotape.” Try to remember that although your video is likely to seem Oscar-worthy to you, your friends may not be as vitally interested in it, but will also be too polite to decline a viewing. Two suggestions: Have your videographer make you a half-hour version that captures the highlights of the five-hour affair, or offer an “edited” showing of the full-length video (you probably don’t want to see the whole thing) and make sure to keep one finger on the fast-forward button. Limit the viewing to fifteen to thirty minutes, depending upon your guests’ level of interest.
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