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In 2012, trends in weddings come back to more or less novel and unconventional and modern brides who want a trendy wedding are eagerly looking forward to found out. In this context we bring to the fore the coolest trends in terms of chair covers for wedding receptions so that you have an unique and worthy of envy wedding! Decorating the wedding hall is an opportunity for the bride to add an extravagant splash of color but not only. Chairs tend to be overlooked, but let us focus our attention and learn how we can revitalize them.


Chair Covers For Wedding Receptions (Source:



“Ghost” covers


The fabulous transparent chair is one of the simplest ways to give your traditional wedding a modern and sophisticated breeze. If before they were found in stylish boutiques or fashion stores with claims, today, they represent a major trend in wedding decor. Turn your party into an event worthy of all admiration, approaching a contemporary air by using “ghost” chairs. If you want to give your wedding an air of “couture” without displaying a too modernist look, uses transparent seats, leaving the rest of the decor unchanged and traditional. If you want to display a slightly futuristic air, arrange on chairs cushions in gold, beige or silver. You are a brave bride with a maverick spirit? Choose “ghost” chairs in different shades and color your wedding!



Chairs decorated with ruffles


Next year is all about wedding dresses trimmed with vertical or horizontal ruffles or flowers. Trends in decoration tend increasingly to this issue. Giving up the covers decorated with a simple oversized bow on the back, classy, feminine and elegant ruffles can be found in 2012 in terms of chair covers for wedding receptions. Ruffles are not only the hottest trend in wedding clothes, but also in the wedding decorations. They are found in the table arrangements, but also in flowers, invitations or cakes. The options in terms of textures are endless: taffeta, silk, tulle or organza. And colors, well … the most popular are gold, copper, fuchsia and purple plum.


Chair Covers For Wedding Receptions (Source:



Retro chairs with personality


Reception or a simple ceremony, you must offer your guests one place to sit and rest after a dance session. Giving the chairs a personal touch, you will create a memorable souvenir about which your guests will talk about for long time. Whether you love retro style, with wrought iron chairs or you choose white lacquered wooden chairs, decorate them so as to match the entire decor. Here are some original suggestions: chairs decorated with feathers and flakes, with fresh grass, with colorful silk ribbons, with branches of fir or chairs “ghost” with backs imprinted with your initials.




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